First steps

Naturally you need docker, docker-compose on a Linux-based host OS, basic understanding of how the docker containers works and at least little Linux shell experience.

To install:

  • git (repository)
  • docker (
  • docker-compose (

Let’s go!

Project template is hosted on git version control system, with git it’s possible to update your environment with newer template version. Updates are not mandatory, and the template may be not always backwards compatible, because it’s a template you can use fully or only parts of it.

  1. Create your project directory (replace “your-project-name” with a proper name):
mkdir your-project-dir
cd your-project-dir

# initialize git repository, at least locally
git init

# download the project files using updater script
curl -s | bash
  1. Take a look around, check documentation for:

You may be interested with placing your docker container definitions at ./apps/conf

  1. Configure the project:

Before you will start changing the configuration, please a look at the Configuration concept.

cp .env-default .env
edit .env
  1. Start the project:
make help
make start
  1. Access configured domain on web browser

Go to http://the-configured-domain-here.localhost, enjoy.

You may want to check a complete example: General conception