RiotKit’s Harbor

Comprehensive single-server docker deployment template. Perfect for smaller and medium projects. Unified production and development environment, with minimum amount of differences.



  • Service discovery, automatic SSL (generates NGINX configuration on-fly for domains, subdomains + SSL)
  • Support for webhooks
  • Ansible integration (ready to use role)
  • Encrypted production credentials (.env-prod)
  • Modularity, template is split into parts that could be enabled/disabled
  • YAML based configuration, clear and easy to maintain
  • Health checks integration + simple dashboard
  • Services index (to publish list of installed apps for non-technical users)
  • Automatic backups to external server (File Repository integration)
  • Ready-to-use SMTP relay, easy to configure
  • Support for git-based projects mounted as volumes
  • Updater to keep your template up-to-date with RiotKit’s Harbor
  • Templating system for generating configuration files
  • Database migrations
  • Maintenance mode


  • Provide complete, automated infrastructure
  • Easy of use and easy to understand
  • Feature toggle on/off
  • Template for common usages
  • Integration with other RiotKit’s projects such as health checking, automated backups

From authors

Project was started as a part of RiotKit initiative, for the needs of grassroot organizations such as:

  • Fighting for better working conditions syndicalist (International Workers Association for example)
  • Tenants rights organizations
  • Various grassroot organizations that are helping people to organize themselves without authority

RiotKit Collective