Creating first service

Service definitions are docker-compose.yml files, with addition of Harbor’s patterns which allows to automate and standardize the way of environment preparation.

Few rules:

  • YAML files are stored at ./apps/conf
  • The naming: apps.MY-APP-NAME.yaml for applications, and infrastructure.MY-TECHNICAL-APP-NAME.yaml for technical services (health checks, backups etc.)
  • Volumes with configuration files eg. nginx.conf - should be in ./container/MY-APP-NAME directory
  • Volumes with external git repositories should be in ./apps/www-data/MY-APP-NAME directory
  • Volumes with dynamic data such as user uploads should be in ./data/MY-APP-NAME directory

Generating a service from template using Cooperative

Best way to create a service is to use a generator - to avoid common mistakes.


harbor :cooperative:sync
harbor :cooperative:install harbor/webservice

The below example will sync coop repositories, then use harbor/webservice template to generate docker-compose yaml file, that will be placed in ./apps/conf directory.

Creating a service - the manual way

Create a standard docker-compose format file in ./apps/conf directory, name it properly eg. apps.adminer.yml and put following example contents:

version: 2.3
        image: adminer
        restart: always
            VIRTUAL_HOST: db.example.localhost
            VIRTUAL_PORT: "80"
            LETSENCRYPT_HOST: db.example.localhost
            org.riotkit.updateStrategy: "rolling"

Bringing up created service

Use :service:up task to bring up a recently created service.

harbor :service:list
harbor :service:up service-name

After checking that everything works correctly the service definition + configuration files placed in ./container directory should be pushed to GIT.